Slavery with Perks


Let us always remember that our own personal slavery was abolished thanks to Christ, who chose to be enslaved to our sin on the cross so that we can be free from it.

We remember the fish which we used to eat free in Egypt” Numbers 11:5.

During the time of slavery, there were different levels of slaves which determined the kind of life they experienced.  A house slave was a slave who worked directly with the family and enjoyed more perks than the other slaves.  Don’t get me wrong… slavery was slavery, but a house slave came with more appeal than the slave who worked outside of the home.  When Lincoln abolished slavery, a number of house slaves decided to stay instead of pursuing a life of freedom.  The security of what they had was greater than the freedom of what they could experience.  The minimal benefits of being tethered to a master were enough to keep them from discovering their own destiny.

We are hard pressed to find anyone who has not been enslaved to something.  ‘Let’s be honest:  Life estranged from God has fleshly perks.  The Enemy of our soul always ensures that we enjoy at least a portion of our sin.  He makes certain the enjoyment is addictive.One in a Million, p. 18.  He reminds us of how satisfying it is to walk in a store and drape ourselves with the wonderful possessions of the world.  He floods our mind with what can be instead of what is beneficial.  He surrounds us with earthly perks that seem free at first but costs us in the end.  We only have to look at the number of addictive struggles of the people in America – the land of abundance… abundance of selfishness… abundance of destructive choices… abundance of freedoms that lead to captivity.  He convinces us we are entitled to our perk which he is more than happy to give us.  ‘We can be sure that any good things the Enemy gives us are only intended to keep us nourished enough to continue under the yoke of his bondage.’ One in a Million, p. 19.

Every one of us should live cautiously when making choices.  While our world offers anything and everything, we must recognize the Bible’s offering on this matter.  ‘Everything is permissible for me – but not everything is beneficial.  Everything is permissible for me – but I will not be mastered by anything’ 1 Co. 6:12. 

If we are going to remember anything, let it be that our own personal slavery was abolished thanks to Christ, who chose to be enslaved to our sin on the cross so that we may be free.

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