Six Tips for Choosing a Second Job


If getting a second job is going to be worth your time, you need to choose the right one.

Does your pay period seem to last longer than your paycheck? Have you cut back on everything that you can and are still struggling to reach your financial goals or just make ends meet?

Well, it may be time to get a second job – and there is no shame in that! I started working a part-time job a little less than a year ago and at first I felt ashamed that I needed another job. Being a mom, I also felt guilty that I was spending more than forty hours a week away from my children.

In order to make having a second job worth your time, you need to choose the right one.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind:

1. Have a specific goal

This puts an end date on your part-time work and helps deal with any guilt and negative thoughts associated with having a second job, especially when you have a young and busy family. That goal could be to pay off debt, build savings, or save for a vacation or a car. Whatever your goal may be, it gives you something to work toward and also an opportunity to celebrate successes.

2. Schedule flexibility

You want to choose a part-time job in which you can either set your own schedule or easily trade or give up shifts. Before accepting a job, ask the manager how willing the other workers are to pick up shifts.

3. Maximize $/hour

A job in which you get tips, commission or bonuses is best. Waitresses and bartenders make on average between $20-$40 an hour and tend to have shorter shifts. Doing yard work or house cleaning are other services that don’t take very long and have potential for a high profit.

4. Beware of retail

There are both pros and cons of working at a retail store you like to shop at. Although you get sweet employee discounts on clothes you like, you may find yourself spending what you make at the store you are working and using the employee discount as an excuse to buy unneeded items.

5. Hired for the holidays

On the topic of retail stores, retailers and some other employers hire extra seasonal help during the holidays, but there are numerous other ways to make more money then. Here is a list of 40 ways to make money during the holidays, compiled by theworkathomewife.com.

6. Do something you enjoy

I am being totally honest when I say that I really enjoy being a waitress. I have worked in restaurants all through high school and college and would not trade that experience for anything. That’s why when it came time for me to get a second job so that I could reach my financial goals faster, I knew that I wanted to get a part-time serving job. I love the food, the fast-paced environment and the people.

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