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God's plans for you are not dictated or controlled by your circumstances. Your circumstances are temporary; His plans for you are not!

Jeremiah 29:11 is a reassuring Scripture. It lets me know that God has a plan for my life. But, there are moments when life and actual circumstances can speak louder than Jer. 29:11.  Moments when I actually ask God, "When?" "How?"  There are moments when I look at my life and see nothing that even remotely resembles what God promised. Moments when I fail to see the God of possibilities in the seemingly impossible. 

It's usually during those times that I find myself revisiting the story of the Virgin Mary and her visit from the angel Gabriel. (Luke 1:26-38) Mary was told that she was chosen of God to conceive and bear a son, and that her son would be called the Son of God.

Now to Mary, because of her circumstances and the fact she was still a virgin, what Gabriel said to her seemed absolutely impossible. It didn't make any sense.  I mean, Mary was not yet married. She had never been intimate with a man. How could this even be possible?

Mary had questions. And, rightfully so. She had questions because this plan, although awesome, seemed absolutely impossible. 

But, think about your own life. Doesn't God sometimes say things to you that are amazingly awesome but  make absolutely no sense to your human mind and thought processes?

Doesn't He sometimes require of you things that seem impossible? Things that you have no earthly idea how they're going to be done?

We then have questions.  Even doubts. Just like Mary did.  Simply because we can't figure out in our little human minds, how God is going to accomplish what He planned.  We worry. We strategize. 

But, we have to remember what the angel Gabriel told Mary. He told her, "What's going to happen in you will be done by the Holy Spirit of God."

Gabriel let Mary know that the Spirit of God was going to come upon her and that His power would overshadow her. And you have to understand that also.  You have to remember that what God has purposed for your life will be done by the power of His Spirit and in His might. God is the one who will enable and equip you for the assignment He has purposed for your life. We don't have to figure out the 'how' and the 'when'.  All He needs is an available and willing vessel. A vessel that will simply believe when God's plans are not so simple.  The 'how' and the 'when' is in His hand. 

No, you may not have all of the answers.  But, God already has the plan. You simply have to believe that He's able to do it. And you have to trust that He's the one who's faithful to complete the work He's begun in your life. 

Now, in your little mind, you don't know how it's going to happen. You may not even understand how it's even possible.

But you must remember that God knows the plans He has for you, and His plans change not. His plans are not dictated or controlled by your circumstances.  Circumstances which are constantly changing. Your circumstances are temporary. But, not the plans of our God.  They are eternal. 

But the LORD’s plans stand firm forever; his intentions can never be shaken. (Psalms 33:11 NLT)

Simply believe Him. Trust in Him. Simply believe that God is not like man. Man can disappoint you and let you down. Unfortunately, man can lie and make promises and fail to keep them.  But not God.  

God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through? (Numbers 23:19 NLT)

God won't fail you. He always keeps His promises. We must simply have faith and believe knowing that He who promises is faithful.

Written by Pastor Pamela Bell

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