Sharing the Truth in Love


What is a practical way you can teach your children about how to share God's truth in a loving way?


Ask God to give you a loving attitude toward people who are different from you and for the opportunities to share His love with them.


Place a dab of toothpaste on your lips. Ask your family members to suggest how they would tell you that you had toothpaste on your lips if you were a famous actor. Have someone else put on the toothpaste and ask the family to address him or her as if that person were your pastor. Continue changing roles to tell a good friend, a school bully, a stranger, and a grouchy teacher about the toothpaste on their faces.


Just as it might be hard or awkward to tell a famous actor or a stranger that she has toothpaste on her lips, so sharing God's truth can feel difficult. But authentic, biblical tolerance allows you to treat others well, even when you have something to share that they may not want to hear. Think about the way you role-played talking to someone you respected, such as a pastor or a famous person. You were probably careful to show respect and kindness as you shared the truth. By treating all people, including those who are different from you, with the same kindness and respect, you can more effectively share the Gospel with them. In Luke 10:27, Jesus says, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Rely on God's love when sharing His truth.


- Is it difficult for you to share God's truth with nonbelievers? Why?

- How could you show God's love to a friend who doesn't believe in Jesus?

- What kind words could you use with someone whose opinion of God is different from yours?

Ephesians 4:15

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