Sex Is a Privilege


Is sex really just about us, or is it meant for something more?

Read: 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 & 1 Peter 2:8

In modern culture, sex sells everything, from clothes to gadgets to soda. It’s easy to think sex is about us and for us—an irreducible part of our identity and a natural pleasure everyone has a right to enjoy.

When you’re surrounded by this view of sexuality, it can be difficult to accept the Bible’s narrow limits for sexuality: an experience designed for one man and one woman inside the covenant of marriage. If we see all sexual expression as a human right, God’s design can seem illogical, harsh or even unjust. Indeed, throughout history, many have questioned God’s existence based on the implications of this hard teaching.

The reality is that there are no human rights in God’s grand design, only creator rights that God gives to us who are made in His image. The whole of the Bible teaches that following God’s design for our lives is what gives us the greatest joy and God the greatest glory. Anything we put ahead of God’s plan—whether it’s sex, money, or any ordinary pleasure—idolatrous. When we agree to make Jesus Lord of our lives, we give up our desires for God’s desires and we chose what He says is right not what the world says is right. That’s the offense of the gospel (1 Peter 2:8).

Homosexuality and same-sex marriage are hot button issues in the church today. But the underlying issue is the same one heterosexual, single Christ followers have faced for 2,000 years. Our sexuality is God’s. Our obedience to God’s Word as the truth—especially when it calls for us to sacrifice what we want and to reject what the world says is good and right—is our ultimate act of worship.

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