Seven Thoughts on Taking a Risk As a Leader


Why do leaders risk the "unknown" when they're already established as a dominant force? Brad Lomenick offers 7 thoughtful answers to a very good question.

Stepping out. Risking. Taking a chance. It's what we do as leaders.

So, why risk? Why do we as leaders step out and move into places of the "unknown" when we are in a comfortable niche and established as the dominant force?

Great question. So why do we risk and take courage as leaders? Had to think about my answer. Seven things stood out to me on the whole issue of taking a risk:

  1. Entrepreneurs and Type A Leaders are never satisfied with the status quo and the "comfortable" niche. They can't stand to sit still. Their DNA won't allow it.
  2. The power of Stewardship. Courageous leaders understand that what you are running or leading is temporary, and your responsibility is to steward it correctly because others are counting on you. If this requires changing or risking, then you need to step out and continue to push the envelope with what God has given you.
  3. Adventure and the power of the pioneer. Many of us are wired to be pioneers. To go on an adventure. Pure and simple. The journey into the unknown actually beckons us. And excites us.
  4. Due diligence suggests it's actually time to move. Do your homework, research, talk to people, and take very seriously the idea that you are risking. It's dumb to step out and change/take a risk if you haven't properly prepared and surveyed the landscape. But once you've done your homework and prepared, then go for it. Many people stifle the actual desire to step out because they spent too much time on due diligence. Risking and stepping out can be calculated, planned and strategic.
  5. The power of purpose and calling. If God has called you to something in a new season, then you have to be willing to chase after it. Because of the internal pull of God's call. It's a responsibility and an imperative.
  6. The power of Influence. Leaders lead. And Leaders influence. Being at the head of the pack means you many times end up in the unknown. Where there's no handbook, no guide, no roadmap. But being out in front is where leaders are comfortable, and out front is where leaders separate themselves from the rest.
  7. The power of Change. Healthy things change. Change creates health, and health creates growth, and growth creates fruit. Without change it's difficult to actually create continual health in an individual, or an organization. Change is good.


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