Second Time Around


How do you prepare for doing God’s work? Do you commit every task to the Lord?


Lord Jesus, You endow me with poise however fierce the pressure, with patience however fierce the pain. I bless Your name.


1 Chronicles 15:1-16


Consider: Doing God’s work in God’s way can be a joyful experience (16).

Think Further:

This time David intends to do the right task the right way. In the intervening years he had built a palace, expanded his family and defeated the Philistines (1 Chron. 14). Then he prepared a site for the Ark before pitching a tent ready for its eventual arrival. He had by now discerned the reason why the first attempt to bring the Ark to Jerusalem had failed: it was a sacred object that needed to be guided and installed by consecrated people. They had previously failed to inquire of the Lord about the right process, but a detailed authorized plan was now in place.

The Levitical families, their roles and locations, had already featured in the Chronicler’s genealogies (1 Chron. 6). God had instructed Moses that the tribe of Levi be set apart to “carry the ark of the covenant of the Lord, to stand before the Lord to minister and to pronounce blessings in his name” (Deut. 10:8). So in this procession senior Levites carried the Ark on poles over their shoulders (Exod. 25:10-16) to protect them from accidentally touching it. Some provided joyful music, singing accompanied by strings and percussion. Others were appointed protectors of the Ark at its relocated venue.

The right plans and personnel were essential, but so was the right preparation. Even people already set apart for sacred purposes had to consecrate themselves (12) for this significant task, according to Mosaic purification rituals. David took great care this second time around that this significant project would bring God’s pleasure, not anger. We too should take care to seek God’s guidance not just about what to do but how to do it. How easy it is to rush into worthy tasks with an inadequate awareness that we are God’s people who need to do his work in his way with appropriate planning and spiritual preparation.


How do you prepare for doing God’s work? Confess those times when you have tackled good tasks impulsively. Commit a current project to the Spirit’s inspiration and direction.


Dear God, I want to do Your work in Your way. Forgive my default setting of doing things my way. Steep my life to trust in Your provisions and resources.

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