Save and Help


David Mainse shares how God helps and saves His people.

Today’s Reading: Joshua 10

Key Verse: Joshua 10:6

And the men of Gibeon sent to Joshua at the camp at Gilgal, saying, “Do not forsake your servants; come up to us quickly, save us and help us, for all the kings of the Amorites who dwell in the mountains have gathered together against us.”

According to the treaty, Israel comes to the defense of Gibeon. There are several items of interest in this chapter. “Adoni-Zedek,” King of Jerusalem continues the Zedek name. It means righteousness. Melchi-Zedek was the King of Salem (Jerusalem) to whom Abraham paid tithes. “Adoni” means “Lord” and “Melchi” means “King.” Jerusalem was not conquered by Israel until King David’s time. 450 years earlier, Jerusalem had a man of God as its King (Gen. 14:17-20). In verses 12 to 14 (the book of Jasher has been lost), we’re told that the sun stood still. It may have been that God caused the earth to stop its rotation. Scripture is accurate in recording the actual perception of the people to this phenomenon.


Dear Lord God, thank You for the New Covenant through which You “save us and help us” in our states of sinfulness, weakness, illness or distress. Please, Jesus, save and help us and our loved ones who are desperate for Your intervention today. We cry unto You. Amen!


Our pastor in Florida recently asked us to pray for him as he conducted a funeral for a father and three of his children killed in a car accident. What unimaginable grief the surviving wife and mother must have been experiencing over such a devastating loss. At times like these we can only pray: “Lord save and help!” I sent an e-mail to him with the response of my sister-in-law whose first husband and her 2 children were killed in a car accident many years ago. She told me the following: “The prayers of God’s people sustained me. I was walking around in shock, but amazingly, I felt lifted up. As their prayers subsided over several weeks, I felt myself gently coming back to reality. I could not have made it without the prayers of God’s people.”

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