Salvation Helmet


The fact that God has saved you protects your head—it protects your thinking. Are you wearing your helmet of salvation?

When a baseball player is up to bat, he or she wears a helmet. It might not be comfortable, but it’s way better than being hit in the head with a 95-miles-per-hour fastball.

A hardball going that fast will, at best, leave you with a huge lump on your head and a nasty bruise. Through Major League baseball history, though, some players have gotten hurt far worse. Batters have needed stitches, suffered from concussions, and broken their bones. Way back in 1920, a player died after being hit in the head with a pitch.

No one jokes about taking shots to the head. That’s why God tells you to “also take salvation as your helmet” (Ephesians 6:17). The fact that God has saved you protects your head—it protects your thinking. When Satan tells you that you are worthless, God tells you that you are worthy. When the world tells you that you aren’t strong or powerful enough, God tells you that he is strong and powerful enough for you. When you start thinking that no one loves you, God’s thinking tells you that you are so valuable that he gave up his own Son so you could spend forever with him.

The Bible helps you know the things God wants you to think. There you read about your salvation. There you read what God wants you to know. “Since you were brought back to life with Christ, focus on the things that are above—where Christ holds the highest position. Keep your mind on things above, not on worldly things” (Colossians 3:1,2).

Dear Lord, help me put your helmet on. Protect my mind and imagination with the helmet of salvation. Keep me thinking about your love, your power, and the salvation you gave me. Amen.

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