Run for Your Life


When Satan or anyone else is out to deliberately do us harm, we flee into our refuge, Jesus, and we are safe.

Today’s Reading: Joshua 19-20

Key Verses: Joshua 19:49 & 20:4

When they had made an end of dividing the land as an inheritance according to their borders, the children of Israel gave an inheritance among them to Joshua the son of Nun…When he flees to one of those cities…and declares his case…they shall take him into the city as one of them, and give him a place…

Two facts stand out here: 1) Joshua put others first and did not ask anything for himself. The general agreement of the people resulted in Joshua’s inheritance. Our Joshua, Yeshua (Jesus), has put us first. Imagine the joy Joshua felt when the people came together to honor him after the distribution of land was settled. Yeshua, “Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God” (Hebrews 12:2). Jesus put us first. How can we do less than put Him first? 2) When the avenger pursued the one who accidentally killed someone, the one being chased could flee to a safe city. When the accuser (Satan) or anyone else is out to deliberately do us harm, we flee into our refuge, Jesus, and we are safe (see Hebrews 6:17-20).


Lord Jesus, You’ve provided for my life now and eternal life in the age to come. You put me first before Your own rights as God’s Son. I can do no less than determine to put You first at all times and places. You’ve also given Yourself to me as a refuge into which I run in times of trouble. I ask for grace to give myself to You 24/7, holding nothing back. Amen!


In 1992, when we were about to open our new state-of-the-art, 143,000-square-foot television production center, a reporter wrote to this effect: “David Mainse is hanging on to his sanity by his fingernails.” The costs had spiraled upward, and we were already committed to the World Expo ’92 in Spain for a Christian pavilion that had already opened bringing thousands to Christ. We were in big trouble. Many people prayed, but Dave Toycen, President of World Vision Canada, and Brian Stiller, President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada specifically came to my aid. They prayed with me and helped me flee into the refuge of God’s love and grace. Brian traveled with me across Canada to meet hundreds of pastors who supported us financially. The crisis was resolved. Needs were met. God and His people are my City of Refuge.

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