Righteous Living


Is there an area of your life right now that needs 'watching over'? Gain insight and understanding from this devotional based on Psalm 1.

Read Psalm 1.

This Psalm serves not just as the first but also as a great introduction to the whole book!

We can find some extreme contrasts amongst people without having to look too hard, and this Psalm shows us 2 different set of people with highly contrasting life principles.

In v.1-3 and v.6 we are introduced to 'the righteous' and in v.4-5 we are introduced to 'the wicked'. Consider for the moment, what is said about each group; these distinctions are still here today and go on into eternity.

We can discover that:

  • v.1 True followers are recognized by 'walking', 'sitting' and 'standing' - in other words by where they go, by what they do, and by the company they keep!
  • v.2 True followers build their lives around God's Word. They don't just 'know' God's Word, they 'do' God's word! They are able to 'meditate'- to shape their thinking, attitudes, actions, by rightly applying the Word of God to their whole lives.
  • v.3  True followers love fruitful lives- they are like 'a tree planted by streams of water'. When the Psalmist writes here that a righteous person always prospers, he doesn't mean that there is never any failure or hardship, or that there is always financial and material gain! He means that those who truly place their trust in God will always experience God's presence and God's peace.
  • v.4-6 In contrast to a solid tree, the wicked are blown away like 'chaff', to be condemned on Judgement Day and perish for eternity. Not so for the righteous! The Lord 'watches over' them as a sign of His lasting love and deep commitment.

Is there an area of your life right now that needs 'watching over'? Give thanks to the Lord for His Word, celebrate that the Lord offers you a fruitful life, and ask Him again to 'watch over' you.


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