Replaced By a Rock


God rejoices in the fact that even a rock will worship Him! However, He’d much rather have YOUR heart and mouth speaking and singing words of honor to His name.

Wouldn’t it be a bummer if you had a job and then found out you were being replaced? It’s something that happens at times. But what would be really bad is if you found out your replacement was…a rock!!

In Luke chapter 19 we read the story of Jesus’ followers praising Him loudly as they walked with Him. The religious leaders told Jesus that He should rebuke those who were praising Him. In Luke 19:40 Jesus responded to His critics in this way: “He answered and said to them, ‘I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.’ ” Jesus’ message here is that He is going to be praised. He will be given the honor He deserves. Whether this praise comes from us or from the natural world God created is really up to us.

The Bible tells us in several places that the trees clap their hands and give honor to God. When the wind blows, the rustling of the leaves is a corresponding and natural effect that takes place. The trees may not always be mindful of all aspects of the wind, yet they still respond to it. This is very similar to God’s work in the life of a believer. You may not always be aware of what God is doing in your life, but be assured that He’s always doing something! He’s at work in you 24/7 to bring about growth and maturity, constantly wanting to make you more like Jesus. As you remind yourself and become more aware of this great commitment God has toward you, the natural response will be: “Thank you Jesus!”

Throughout the remainder of this week, keep in mind that you are God’s first choice when it comes to who He desires to receive praise from. He loves to hear the trees of the field, the waves of the ocean, and the many other sounds of nature as they celebrate Him with their resounding praises. He’ll even rejoice in the fact that a rock will worship Him. Yet He’d much rather have your heart and your mouth speaking and singing words of honor to His name. If this isn’t something you’ve done in the past, it may feel a bit awkward at first. But if you’ll open your mouth and simply begin to thank God for the things He’s done and is doing in you – the things you’re aware of as well as the many things you aren’t – I’m quite sure what God hears from you will be beautiful music to His ears!

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