Recruiting Irritation to Work for You


You don't have to live in irritation and annoyance! Mark Householder offers tips on how to let irritation work for you.

I have to admit that I would get so annoyed with each and every credit card offer that would hit the mailbox.

You know the drill... sometimes three or four a day will come. Hoping to stand out from the others, they arrive with enticing marketing slogans and “can’t pass this one up, limited time offer” deals. For some time I was even wondering if I needed to upgrade to an industrial-size paper shredder that could more easily handle the volume of offers that needed to be shredded!

I am no longer annoyed and have delayed any plans for a bigger shredder. Here is what happened. I discovered that a co-worker named Shawn had the same annoyance, but chose a different process to deal with his irritation. He used the postage-paid, return envelope and slipped in a classy, organizational brochure that helps people know how to get connected with real purpose and meaning in life. Bingo!

The minute I heard of this idea, my irritation turned to excitement. I went home that evening hoping that there would be a record number of offers in the mailbox.

Three tips for those living in irritation:

  • Identify the issue: The stronger the irritation, the greater the need for change and resolution. What are you choosing to live with now that is causing some level of misery?
  • Realize the irritant will not likely go away by itself: Whatever gets ignored does not get solved, processed or metabolized. You can chose to stay stuck or move forward into problem-solving or decision-making. Honestly, I stayed stuck too long and endured the annoyance of these credit card offers. There is a choice to make.
  • Invite the input of others: My co-worker Shawn’s idea moved me from being stuck in irritation to the excitement of purpose and possibly making a difference in a person’s life. Consider others, their ideas and input, as adding fuel to your life.

There is a choice in the matter. You do not have to live in irritation and annoyance!

What irritant are you going to attack today? Identify a few people to help you get resolution so that irritation is recruited to your team!


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