Recipe for a Dream


The winning combination for 9-year-old Rosemary: a gift of goats, her family’s hard work, and sponsorship.

Rosemary stirs the family’s corn porridge — called nshima in Zambia — in a shiny metal pot over an open fire. As it thickens, her mother Patricia takes over with her work-strengthened arms.

Making nshima is good practice for Rosemary because she harbors an unusual dream for a child from rural Zambia: She wants to be a chef.

“I love it because of the tea. I want to be drinking tea,” she says, explaining the allure of her dream career in the kitchen. She imagines that’s what chefs do — drink tea, wash dishes, and serve people. “The other thing is because I love cooking for other people.”

Just a few years ago, Rosemary’s family was stuck in poverty — both physical poverty and poverty of the mind. Then a gift of goats changed everything. 

“Goats actually change everything,” Patricia says. “Goats give health to a family. Goats give education to a family. Goats bring food to a family.”

Photo ©2016 World Vision, Jon Warren

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