Re-Up for Relationships


From God’s eternal perspective, very few things really matter: God, His Word, and people.

Priorities. Everyone has them. Regardless of whether or not you've ever written yours down or even thought about them, you’re living out what’s important to you.

Most Christ-followers, when asked to list their priorities, know some version of a correct answer. But while we may score well on this written exam, how are we doing on the living exam?

The following questions will help assess the true status of your priorities. If you have to hedge on many of your answers or if you simply respond with a lot of uncertainty you may need to do some restructuring of your life’s priorities.

Continually ask yourself: What’s going to really matter 50 years from now? What are the most important things in this life?

From God’s eternal perspective, very few things really matter: God, His Word, and people. Do a little personal assessment. Then... reprioritize those relationships!

You’re living out what is important to you.

Personal Assessment

  1. I spend regular, quality, uninterrupted time alone with my spouse on a consistent basis.
  2. I spend regular, quality, uninterrupted time with my children on a consistent basis.
  3. I know who my children’s friends are, what they’re doing in school, the stresses they’re under, etc.
  4. My spouse and children know me. I share with them my feelings and concerns.
  5. I am approachable by my spouse and family; they’re not hesitant to vulnerably share their feelings or to approach me when I've offended them.
  6. I keep up with family birthdays and other special occasions for those who are closest to me.
  7. I spend regular, quality time deepening my personal relationship with God.
  8. I am involved in a local body of Christ-followers.
  9. I am intentional about cultivating relationships with neighbors and within the broader community.
  10. I seek to share Christ with others in word and by the way I love and serve.
  11. I want to know the Lord more deeply by reading, hearing and memorizing His Word.
  12. My family knows that my moral standards match my lifestyle.
  13. My choices reflect my love for God and devotion to my family.
  14. I make it a priority to enter into my family’s world and do what they like to do.
  15. I participate in my church’s ministries gratefully using my gifts and passions to serve others.
  16. I have trusted relationships where people are free to speak to me about needed changes in my life.
  17. I have regular contact (visit, phone, or letter) with my extended family (in-laws, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.).
  18. I have a solid biblical perspective on my various roles (as husband, wife, father, mother, sister, grandparent, etc.) and I feel adequate in how to live those out.

Experience God’s Word

Call to Me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

After reading the statements above, ask Jesus which of your relationships He might want to see re-prioritized. Call to Him and ask for His help. Ask Him to show you the great things He has in store for you.

Jesus, I know my marriage, my family, my friendships and my relationship with You are of utmost importance to You.

Which relationship needs more priority in my life? What changes are needed? Show me the great and mighty things that You can do when I re-prioritize the relationships that You have given Me.

After the Lord speaks to you, get busy loving in the ways that He reveals! 

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