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When the unexpected comes our way, we will often times find ourselves asking God, "Why?" It's okay to ask, just be prepared for Him to ask you right back.

Whom did the LORD consult to enlighten Him, and who taught Him the right way? Who was it that taught Him knowledge or showed Him the path of understanding? Isaiah 40:14, NIV

Have you ever questioned God? Who hasn’t, right? Even those who don’t believe there is a God question God at times. By the way, I’m not sure those people really exist...that believe there is no God. (Don’t believe me? Just wait until they are on their deathbed.)

When life throws us a curve, we are often forced to asking God why. Why did it have to happen to her? Why me? Why not someone who doesn’t serve you? Why not someone who is unkind? Why not send the cancer to all the death row inmates? (I know that sounds harsh, but wouldn’t that be better than watching our grandmother suffer?)

God really can handle the questioning. He’s a big God. He understands our frailties and He knows we can’t understand all His ways. When we question God, however, God reserves the right to question us. Job learned this. Take some time to read Job chapters 38 and 39 in the Old Testament of the Bible. Job has some real struggles. No one denies that. Job had some questions for God. God didn’t strike Him down in anger, but He did turn the questions back on Job.

God asks questions like: What did you teach God? What insight did you share with Him? Have you figured out where I keep the rain yet? What about the mountain lion, do you know where she hides her young? Did you mark off the boundaries for the ocean and the land?

God isn’t trying to be sarcastic, He is making a point. Just as our children can’t understand the good we intend for them, so we can’t understand all that God has planned for us. He has our best interest at heart and He is working all things for good. Our job is to allow Him to do what He thinks is best, and to be pleased with His will.

That is something I am still learning to do.

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