Pressing Past Grief


The loss of a loved one has an emotional impact that will never pass, but we can move forward.

The Israelites grieved for Moses in the plains of Moab thirty days, until the time of weeping and mourning was over (Deuteronomy 34:8, NIV).

In Deuteronomy, we see that there was a time of weeping and mourning; there was a set time or a season. In this instance, it was thirty days. There were thirty days set aside for nothing but grieving their loss. This does not mean that we cannot mourn for longer than thirty days; it does mean that we cannot live in the grief. After this set-apart time, they were to move forward; even though they were still in pain, grieving their loss would no longer be their main focus.           

When we experience loss we are tempted to stand still. This temptation must be met with prayer and the Word of God. Many times we do not feel like we can pray or read when we are grieving, but that is where we will find our strength to go on. There will be a period of time where you feel powerless and paralyzed by the pain; this is that “set time.” God wants us to understand that it is normal to grieve a loss, but He also wants us to know that this is not meant to be our way of life.     

You may have lost someone years ago yet you still feel as if you are in mourning; this is not unusual. A loss affects you for the rest of your life. If we are honest, things will never be the same. The loss of a loved one has an emotional impact that will never pass, but we can move forward. 

As you continue in the Word, I pray that God’s promises will inhabit your being and move you to go forward in life. This does not mean that you forget the loved one, but it does mean that you cannot live in the past forever. In Christ, we can overcome the debilitating power that grief can have over us and we can rejoice in the memories God has blessed us with. If your loss is significant, it is because the impact your loved one had on your life was monumental; we have much to be thankful for as we remember those we are missing. Even though our hearts are heavy, we can move on in life and live life to the fullest through Christ until we are reunited with them in glory. Our loved one would want it that way. 

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