Practical Godliness


Are you living with integrity? Are you developing the habit of godliness?


Loving God, I am not complaining about my journey. However, I do need rejuvenating. Uplift and strengthen me, I pray.


Psalm 112:1-10


Consider: We need to be a people of integrity in what we think, feel, and do--not one third of each, but three thirds of each!

Think Further:

This psalm is an alphabet of godliness to follow the alphabet of Godness in Psalm 111 (the 22 lines following the initial "Praise the Lord" are in the form of an acrostic). The godly are Godlike: there is a family resemblance, traceable in the very words used in both psalms.
A few textual points will aid our meditation. Both psalms use some of the most resounding of all Old Testament words--"justice," "righteousness," "grace," "compassion"--words that are common in Proverbs too. Verse 4 should probably be translated "The righteous rise like the sun in the darkness." NIV amplifies the Hebrew of verse 8b, which refers to the godly "seeing the last of" their enemies. Verse 9 is quoted by Paul in 2 Corinthians 9:9-11 about an even more daring and costly generosity (2 Cor. 8:2).

I review my life quietly in the light of this A to Z. Is my life marked by fear and delight (1)? I pray for my offspring to be heroes in our society in their generation (2). Am I generous in lending (5) and giving (9)? Do I come like sunshine into dark places (4)? Do I carry things through and do what I say, right to the end (5b)? I give thanks to God for the unshakeable kingdom to which I am heir (Heb. 12:28). I pray for those (myself?) who find that bad news or opposition makes them wobble, knocks them off balance. Finally I cast my eye over the adjectives and the verbs that describe the righteous in this psalm; I could even draw a mind map of such people, in all their wholeness and integrity, growing into what they are, becoming in the future what they have been in the past, and developing the habit of godliness.


The last paragraph above is rich with application. As the writer says, "I review my life quietly in the light of this A to Z."


Patient Lord, the imperatives of this psalm overwhelm me. Stay with me and surround me. With You, all things are possible.

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