Be patient in times of trouble because your marriage is worth the wait.

The word of the day is patience.  I’ve been working with couples for almost 16 years now, and what I’ve realized over all this time is that too many couples quit before they can experience growth and healing.  Why can’t we wait for another day?  We can get so determined that life is over, our marriage is horrible, and nothing is ever going to change, that we forget there is always hope in Christ!

It is never too late, too long, or too anything.  Your marriage is worth the wait.  I know many of you are hurting, but if you focus on the hurting then your life will slow down and feel miserable.  If you focus on God and what you can do to change your circumstances emotionally without your spouse ever changing, then things begin to look up.  If you believe that your current level of happiness is determined by what your spouse does or does not do, then good luck! That is a recipe for disaster.

Our feelings are the result of our choices.  So choose to make it today.  Choose to stay in this marriage as long as it takes. Never give up, never stop trying to figure out a way to be a better spouse (especially if your spouse is misbehaving or being hurtful).  Of course I’m not talking to those people who are being abused physically or emotionally.  I’m talking to the majority of people who simply do not feel they can stay in a marriage any longer because they are not getting along or communicating well.

A great marriage is only great because two people were willing to stick it out through the tough times and were humble enough to learn (individually) how to be a better spouse. Am I being too harsh?  What do you think?

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