Passing on the Thrill of Sharing


Love the "least of these" and let your work reflect the Father's.

“If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? ...” —Luke 6:32 (nrsv)

I don’t mind sharing my things, but my thoughts and heart . . . not so much! However, I’ve learned that when you’re really into something, you end up sharing without even knowing it.

Everyone who knows my husband, Charlie, and me learns of our involvement at the St. James Shelter and the St. James Literary Society. No one invites us out on Monday nights because they know where we’ll be. When others are asked about jobs, families, or the weather, we’re asked about our friends at the shelter. Gradually, it’s become more than just talk.

A friend who owns a restaurant started sending leftover muffins for shelter guests. People with holiday party leftovers call us to find out who needs the food. My parents collect canned goods and snacks. My sister and brother-in-law donate clothes. Charlie’s siblings contribute to a fund that runs the shelter. Elected officials and judicial court staff who know Charlie from his years in government have become advocates for better housing and criminal-justice programs. Some members of our church wrap packages of new socks every year, so all of the residents will have something to open on Christmas Day.

We started out sharing our things and time with the homeless but ended up sharing and passing along the thrill of sharing.

Lord, let my work reflect Yours.
Digging Deeper: Lk 6:27–36; 1 Tm 6:18; Heb 13:16

Written by Marci Alborghetti

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