Parents Concerned About Child’s Teacher Assignment


What should parents do when they are concerned over a child's teacher assignment? John Rosemond offers a practical solution.

Q. Our 10-year-old daughter has been assigned to a third-grade teacher whom we feel is not a good "fit" for her. This teacher has a reputation for being demanding and impatient. Our daughter is sensitive and has had some academic difficulties. Should we ask the principal to transfer her to a teacher who's more flexible?

I would strongly advise against it. In the manual, "The Good Principal's Guide To Dealing With Pushy Parents," Article One states: "Do not cave in to parents who request that their little darlings be assigned to the teachers of their choosing." I'm not saying that you're pushy or that you regard your daughter as anything akin to a "little darling," mind you, but you invite those perceptions by making such a request.

A principal who grants one such request is going to be inundated with them. Better to nip such a parent uprising in the bud, or so the manual states. Furthermore, every transfer can be interpreted, rightly or wrongly, as undermining the authority and reputation of the teacher. So by crossing that line, a principal risks angering a whole bunch of folks he really can't afford to anger.

I suggest that your daughter is old enough to begin learning that sometimes life deals you the hand you want, and sometimes it doesn't. Besides, demanding teachers bring out the best in most kids. Your job is to never let your daughter know that you would rather she was in another class.

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