Overcoming Financial Crisis


When facing crises of any kind, we must focus on God's Word rather than negative reports and projections.

There is evidence all around us that we are in an economic crisis. On a daily basis, the media infiltrates our ears with reports about extreme unemployment rates, mortgage crises, bankruptcies, credit crisis, etc. Many people give consistent attention to these reports with the idea that it is wise to "stay up" on current events. As a result, those same people gradually develop fear—fear of losing jobs, homes, vehicles, and solid credit scores. You see, this is Satan's perverted system—focus on the negative reports, develop fear in those areas and in turn, relinquish your authority and faith. Fear, Satan's tool of operation, works much like faith but in the opposite manner—producing those things that are not desired.

However, God has a system that can demolish fear, provide employment in the midst of economic upheaval, protect assets and credit, and the list continues. Just as you may have focused on the negative reports and strengthened your fear muscle, replace those reports with God's system (Word) and develop your faith muscle which produces those things that are desired.

God's System

"What does God's system entail?" It involves your ears, mouth, heart, and hands (hear God's Word, speak the Word, meditate/think on the Word and allow it to permeate your heart, obey and do the Word [action]). This principle is made clear in Joshua 1:8-11. God gave instructions to meditate on the Word, obey the Word (action), and then success was sure to follow. Romans 10:17 says that faith comes by hearing the Word. Speaking God's Word means to agree with God by saying what He says. This was first demonstrated in the book of Genesis. God Himself spoke those things that did not exist into existence with words. We too have the same creative ability that He has.  To meditate simply means to think deeply; to ponder and roll God's Word over and over in our minds. You will then develop a visual picture of you in that Word/promise. Lastly, we must take action and do the Word (obey) by putting our hands to something.  God promised to bless the works of our hands, but if our hands are not on anything, then there is nothing to bless.

Key Components to Overcome an Economic Crisis

We must first understand that it is God's will for us to overcome any economic crisis. We have to see ourselves the way He does, which requires us to look to His Word to find out who we are instead of looking to the news/media (Exodus 8:23). Secondly, we have to embrace God's plan of overcoming the crisis, which is based on the law of giving and receiving. We have to trust that God always gives us what is needed to participate in his plan (2 Corinthians 8:1-3; 2 Corinthians 9:8-10). Thirdly, God's plan is fail proof (Luke 12:29-30). Therefore, no matter what the unemployment rate is or what large company failed, God has already made provision to care for us independent of the economy.

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