One Simple Step to Making the Bible Come Alive


It's easy for us to get bored with the Bible. It's even easier to reinvigorate our excitement. Keith Ferrin explains how.

It is so simple I almost hate to mention it. At the same time, I can’t believe I have never written about it here before. I talk about it every time I teach a Falling In Love with God’s Word Workshop. In fact, I talked about it Sunday AM at a church in Tacoma, WA (and will talk about it again this Sunday at a church in Overland Park, KS.

Do you want the Bible to come alive? (You did say “yes” didn’t you?)

Try this…

Always remember it’s a story.

I told you it was simple.

Just because it’s true doesn’t mean it isn’t a really, really cool story! But how often do we forget? We get so busy studying it that we forget to read and enjoy it.

We get way too serious about reading the Bible sometimes. Don’t you think that God wants you to like it (not just believe it’s true)?

After all He’s the one who put these stories in there:

  • Brother tricks older brother out of inheritance…by using stew
  • Baby named “Laughter” born in geriatric ward
  • Healthy vegetarian shown respect by den of furry carnivores
  • Talking donkey saves dumb owner
  • Harp-playing shepherd beats up warrior
  • Fisherman puts foot in mouth…again.
  • The sack lunch that keeps on giving.

Not only that, but have you ever thought about what the over-arching story of the gospels is? I’m not talking about the theological story. Not the “what is God doing in history” story.

If you boil it down to what the simple, plain story is…

The gospels are four accounts of 13 guys on a 3-year road trip!

Have you ever been on a road trip? It is not all serious. Funny things happen. (Ask me the one about the dragonfly in Wyoming sometime. Or the watermelon truck in California.)

Oh…and even the most serious biblical scholars will tell you that several of the disciples were teenagers. Ever been on a road trip with teenagers? Yea…me too. (I see you smiling. And I hear you groaning.)

Here’s the deal: God has chosen to share His message, His truth, His grace, His teaching, His correction, His comfort, His challenge, and His encouragement…through an amazing story!

Next time you pick up your Bible, remember that. It’s a story. It’s true. And it’s a story. It’s holy. And it’s a story. It’s inspired by the Holy Spirit. And it’s a story.

Remember that and you might just find yourself laughing out loud…or squirming…or inspired…or challenged…or…

Question: What is your favorite story in the Bible?

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