On the Move with God


One of the surprising things we learn about God in the Bible is that He is a God who moves around.

One of the surprising things we learn about God in the Bible is that He is a God who moves around.

  • He comes to dinner with Abraham.
  • He tells Moses He has seen the suffering of His people in Egypt and has “come down” to rescue them.
  • He leads the children of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land, appearing as a pillar of fire at night and a cloud during the day.

Always moving. This was a very different God indeed from the gods of the pagans around Moses and his people. This was a God who did not live in houses made by humans, nor could He be captured in any type of art.

Jesus was like that as well. When Peter told Him that everyone was waiting on Him, Jesus told Peter He had to go to other cities and preach there as well. As you study the life of Jesus, you quickly begin to understand that Jesus doesn’t stay in one place too long. And neither do His followers. Look at the life of Paul. In the back of any Bible is a map of Paul’s missionary journeys. Look at the lines from Jerusalem to Rome. And then remember he covered most of this ground by walking.

Christians have long understood their relationship with Christ as a journey—of going from where they are to the place they are called to be; from the person they are to the person Christ is molding them to become. He never leaves us in one place for very long.

We, like Jesus, are always moving, always learning, always letting go—always changing. Usually we are between two places— the place of having to let something of our old selves go and the place of adding something from Christ into our lives. You may be letting go of anger and replacing it with patience; letting go of bitterness and replacing it with joy. This journey is never done.

I don’t guess we should be surprised. After all, Jesus called us to come follow, not to come and sit.

So how about you? Where are you on your journey? What are you letting go of? What are you adding in?

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