On a Mountaintop


Shana Schutte shares 12 posts for navigating the valleys of life.

I am currently on a mountaintop after spending several years in a spiritual and emotional valley. The good news is that true growth with Christ happens in the valley.

For my last devotional, I shared 12 quotes about purpose in a post titled Thoughts That Flit Through My Mind. Because the response was so positive, today I would like to share 12 quotes on navigating the valleys of life. Each of these was inspired by my own experience and lessons taught to me by Christ. I’d love to hear which one(s) resonate with you most.

1. There are some positive, permanent, life-changing lessons that can only be written on the human heart by the hand of God through pain. There are things that need to be removed from within us that can only be driven out through difficulty. God loves us too much to leave us how we are.

2. The goal of life cannot be to avoid pain; the goal of life must be to lay it all down for Christ so that He will be glorified, in whatever way He calls us to lay it down—even if it means getting wounded in the process.

3. You may not always get what you want, but you can always be grateful for what you have.

4. To “count it all joy” during trials doesn’t mean you are happy bad things happened, but happy God is able to redeem those bad things.

5. Trusting and surrendering to God does not mean it will always feel nice to give up to God what we don’t understand. Neither does it mean always skipping and singing hallelujahs through our troubles. Instead, it may often mean that we say, “I trust you, Lord,” through tears, through shouts of despair, and possibly even through clenched teeth—because trust and surrendering to God is a choice, an act of the will not born of emotion.

6. Trusting God during trials has everything to do with who we believe He is to us, and who we believe we are to Him.

7. Sometimes we have to let go of something old before we can embrace something new. Unfortunately we may become so focused on what God is removing from us, that we forget He is delivering us to something.

8. Being a Christian doesn’t work because it guarantees a perfect life. Being a Christian works because faith in God helps you deal with an imperfect life.

9. Death comes from demanding your own way; life comes from laying down your life for Christ.

10. When we understand that God’s priority is not our happiness but our holiness, then even the most painful things in our lives have purpose. Nothing is wasted in God’s economy!

11. Learning to follow Jesus as Lord means He will sometimes take you into narrow places. When life doesn’t make sense, we must lean on His Lordship, knowing that He will never take us where His love will not cover us.

12. Because we are daughters and sons of a God who has adopted us as His own, we do not have spirits of fear which cause us to live self-directed lives born out of orphan mentality. Instead, we have God-directed lives. We lean on Him and trust Him, knowing He will direct us.

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