God doesn’t wait for you to obey Him like an unkind father might do ... He will always give you His strength to do so!

Let’s meditate today on another biblical principle that helps us learn to become an ambassador of heaven ... obedience. It may sometimes make people cringe, but it’s essential. When obedience is practiced in the Lord, it helps us grow!

One “A Miracle Every Day” reader confided this: “I work in the heart of a project fighting cancer. Because of this, every day in my office, I meet women, children, and men with this disease. ‘A Miracle Every Day’ is my oxygen, the water easing my thirst, a spring to water the ‘garden’ of my inner being. In my mission of encouragement, I share verses with these people under our care. They each have their Word of God ‘glass of water.’ Though they arrive in tears, as they’re leaving, they find a smile again, the joy of living despite their illness, saying that they agree to carry their cross with Jesus, believing that He is the only One Who can give them peace. They all agree to trust in Jesus, the great, almighty Doctor.”

Praise God for this reader's kindness! Likewise, God may want to use you in your workplace and with the broken people around you. Being an ambassador of heaven is also being ready when God asks us to move into action!

Here’s a promise God gives us: “Now if you will obey me and keep my covenant, you will be my own special treasure from among all the peoples on earth; for all the earth belongs to me.” (the Bible, Exodus 19:5, NLT) 

Unlike His love, which He gives to all with the same measure, God doesn’t grant His favor in the same way to everyone. Favor is the grace that enables us to accomplish what we’re called to do. And obedience clears the way for more favor because greater things are entrusted to the person who obeys in the little things!

When you feel like your heart is weak, and obedience requires you to sacrifice what seems to be everything you have, the Lord has the strength to carry you. God doesn’t wait for you to obey Him like an unkind father might do ... He will always give you His strength to do so!

Rely on the Lord always. When challenges arise, you can be the one who chooses to follow God and His Word! God will expand your limits, and what you don’t have the strength to do by yourself, He’ll take care of. Through you, many will be blessed!

Thanks for existing!

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