Not a Man


Praise God that He is our Savior--forgiving us by His grace, allowing us to make mistakes, and even to forsake Him at times. And all the while, He continues to love us.

Holy One among you. I will not come in wrath. Hosea 11:9 NIV

Four times I read in Scripture of God telling us that He is not a man! Thank God for that promise today!

Imagine if God were like you and me? Have you ever disappointed God? Have you ever not done as He commands? Have you forsaken God, missed your time with Him, even mocked Him with your actions? What if you had treated another man that way? What if someone had treated you that way?

I strive to be a Christian employer. I try to show patience with my employees, even past the point of expectations. I must admit, however, that sometimes that is difficult. Even though God too loses His patience with us, He never stops loving us. He never stops being God. If I am honest, I have certainly stopped loving an employee a time or two.

What if you treated your employer the way you treat God? You showed up for work when YOU want to. You commit to the work "if you feel like it." You participate in special projects "if it fits within your schedule." How long do you think you would last?

Praise God that He is not a man! Praise God that He is our Savior, forgiving us by His grace, allowing us to make mistakes, to be imperfect, and even to forsake Him at times. All the while He continues to love us, with an eternal love that surpasses all our flaws.

Thank you, God, for not being like me!
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