No Such Thing As "Lucky"


Be encouraged as you plant your seeds, knowing that your harvest is certain.

As long as the earth endures, seed-time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease. (Genesis 8:22, NIV)

About a year ago we received an encouraging email from a member of our church regarding the difference between “reaping” and being “lucky.” If you’ve been faithfully sowing seeds of your time, prayers, service, wealth, kindness, friendship and more--then your time of harvest is coming! I hope you are as encouraged by this note as we were.
Here’s a paraphrase of the note she sent:

When someone sees a field that is ripe with beautiful wheat ready to harvest, they don’t say, 'What a lucky farmer! I wish I was as lucky as that farmer.' They don't say that because they know how much work went into that field – all of the plowing, planting, picking out rocks, watering, fertilizing and weed killing. They understand that if they want their field to ripen with a beautiful harvest, they must do the work it takes to get there.
However, when it comes to the beautiful harvest of success in the lives of Christians, people who don’t understand the law of seed-time and harvest can become critical or jealous. They may think that a Christian who is blessed is just lucky; or they may believe that the Lord randomly decided to bless one Christian over another. They assume that God must love one Christian more than another. They say, "Why do some people get all of the good stuff?"
However, if those who think or say these types of things would just observe the lives of successful Christians – it would make sense. They would see the faith and actions of these successful Christians; they would see them planting, watering, weeding, picking out rocks, cultivating their life in the Word, fellowshipping with the Lord, crucifying their flesh and doing hard things. If they saw how much hard work was required to reap a blessed harvest – they would not say misguided things and they might put the principles to work in their own lives.

Today, be encouraged as you plant your seeds knowing that your harvest is certain. The physical and spiritual law of seed-time and harvest is in effect as long as the earth remains! Don't blame luck or become critical or jealous of the harvest of blessings in another person’s life. Just get busy believing God and putting your faith into action by sowing the Word, planting faith-filled words, watering them with wisdom and strategic decisions as the Spirit leads, weeding out discouragement or fatigue, picking out rocks of doubt and unbelief and exercising patience and endurance. Then, in due season, you will reap a beautiful harvest.

Say It: “Father, I thank You for the law of seed-time and harvest. You have made the playing field level for everyone. There is no need for me to blame luck, to be jealous or critical of the harvest of blessings in another person’s life. Help me to get busy believing You. Thank You for leading me by Your Spirit to sow the Word in my heart, plant faith-filled words in the situation, water things with wisdom and strategy as the Spirit leads me, weed out discouragement and fatigue, pick out the rocks of doubt and unbelief, and exercise patience and endurance in the fight of faith. In due season I know I will reap a beautiful harvest. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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