Nature's Details


What do nature’s details reveal about Christ's return to earth?

When the Son of Man returns, how many will he find on the earth who have faith? (Luke 18:8, NLT)

I smile at the light in my husband’s eye as he measures sugar and pours it into the water-filled feeding tube. He gently stirs the mixture until it’s the perfect blend. Then he secures the cap and goes outside to hang it on the hook by the window. It’s that time of year again, and he is prepared to welcome back the hummingbirds to our deck feeder.

Before I met him, I knew the basics of hummers: They’re tiny and their wings beat quickly. But nothing in my world had been affected much by their flight patterns, their feeding habits, their personalities or even their beauty.

Now I enjoy watching our tiny friends return each spring almost as much as I enjoy my husband’s delight in them. He loves how, when we’re picnicking on the deck, they flit close by to let him know their sugar water is all gone. He’s fascinated by how one bird assumes the alpha role and chases others from the feeder. There’s a lot to hummingbirds, and he never fails to be prepared for them each spring.

Recently he said he likens that preparation to our trust in Jesus’ promise to return. It’s Easter season now, so those matters are particularly on our minds. Many people are surprised to see hummingbirds back already. Most people wait to prepare the sugar water until after they see one bird. He likes to be ready early, though, and acts in faith that the hummers will return. I love his insights. We have yet to see the first hummer this season, but we are prepared.

I believe God intended His creation to reveal clues to His love for us. I know those special birds will always remind me to keep trusting in Jesus’ inevitable second coming.

And I can’t help wonder if my moment-by-moment living reflects a solid faith and preparedness for that day.

FAITH STEP: What do nature’s details reveal about Jesus’ love for you? How does your life show you’re prepared for His arrival?

Written by Erin Keeley Marshall

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