My Prayer For You


When we put on a yielded heart with open hands outstretched in receptive honor to Christ Jesus, the she lion of trouble, heartache and pain is still there, but I'm given courage.

I know not everyone has seen the beauty of an Arizona sunrise. It's almost magical the way the lights kiss the earth as if to say, "Hello World. Good Morning." The lights and shadows reveal places untouched by man's foot prints.

I was born in Arizona.

One cold morning, when I was in grade school, I got up early, pulled on my new red coat and climbed up the mountain behind our little shanty.  When I got to the top, I looked down just in time to see a she mountain lion curled up against the chimney of our wood stove. The light from the morning reflected off her glossy fur as smoke filled the misty air above her. I will never forget that sight. I was unafraid. The sun shining on me and my new coat captured this new found courage and I took a deep breath of the new dawn.

New Year's Day is like that.

It’s new, like a morning sunrise—filled with hope, promise and wishes.

It's a new beginning.

It's an opportunity to start over.

It breathes courage.

It's a new day, but not a new me.

Not until I put on my yielded heart like a new coat, emptied of self, and with open hands outstretched in receptive honor to Christ Jesus. The she lion of trouble, heartache and pain is still there, but I'm given courage....the courage of a yielded heart.


I move in hope.

I adjust to promises

I lay aside wishful thinking

I am a vessel pleasing to the Lord.


Let us come to Lord with yielded hearts grasping what He offers us. Allow Him to kiss the light and shadows of your world with love. Let Him hold you in this newness of life.

This is my prayer for you today—the People of the Yielded Hearts:

Lord, in the name above all names, I pray for those whose eyes You've allowed to linger here on the screen.

May they be a people ready to take on the mantle of the yielded heart.

Fill them with the knowledge of Your will in all Spiritual wisdom and understanding so they may lead lives worthy of You.

With yieldedness of heart may they grow in the knowledge of You.

May they be strong with all the strength that comes from Your glorious power. 

May they be prepared to endure everything with patience, while joyfully giving thanks to You.

Please enable them, in the power of Your love, to share in the inheritance of God's people - YOU.

For You have rescued us from the power of darkness and You have transferred us into the kingdom of Your Beloved Son in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

I thank You for hearing this prayer.

May the gospel, the Good News, bear fruit in them in each and every new day.

For the Gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the world by Your mighty outstretched hand.

Let these yield hearts and willing vessels know You and participate in Your will as they truly comprehend Your grace.

Thank You, Lord, a thousand thank You's,


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