‘Morally Loose’ Women Change a Wife’s Character


Kanti and Reva, two Gospel for Asia women missionaries, moved into a town with good intentions, but they didn’t receive a kind reception. Regardless, they persevered for the sake of the Gospel.

When the two women moved into the small town, the people whispered. They wondered and passed comments among themselves. Because these women didn’t live with any of their elders, the villagers decided they must be morally loose and not worth talking to. No one wanted to talk to them or listen to what they had to say—Amrita included.

Women Missionaries Face Opposition

Kanti and Reva, two Gospel for Asia women missionaries, moved into Amrita’s town with good intentions, but they didn’t receive a kind reception.

Sometimes the village youth teased and mocked these two women, even threatening to call the “underground people” to catch them and take them away. Though the missionaries were frightened, they continued to pray and trust the Lord.

Kanti and Reva rented a small home so they could minister to those in Amrita’s village. The villagers ignored, teased and mocked them, but God helped them stand firm despite their fears.

At the same time, a team of men and women around the world faithfully upheld Kanti and Reva through prayer and financial support, and the Lord encouraged these women missionaries and helped them stand strong. They drew strength from God’s Word and reminded each other of Romans 8:31: “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Husband Comes to Know the Lord

Kanti and Reva took any opportunity to help the villagers, including making regular visits to pray for anyone who became ill. As men and women observed their good conduct, many began to realize these women weren’t morally loose after all. Soon, people wanted to hear what Kanti and Reva had to share about Christ’s death, burial, resurrection and offer of new life. Through the testimony of these women, a man named Vinoo gladly embraced Christ’s offer.

Amrita wasn’t happy about her husband, Vinoo’s, decision. He didn’t want to worship at the shrine in their home anymore, and he kept telling her about Jesus—someone she didn’t want to hear about. But Vinoo couldn’t contain the love he had found in Christ. He wanted his wife to experience the same love and freedom, so he asked Kanti and Reva to meet with her.

Wife Listens to the Women She Dislikes

Amrita wasn’t pleased when she saw Kanti and Reva. She knew her husband had asked them to come. But she was a polite woman, so she didn’t tell them to go away. She listened to them patiently and kindly, all the while ignoring their every word about Jesus.

A man named Vinoo asked two GFA women missionaries to visit his wife and share the Word of God with her. His wife, Amrita, was uninterested, but she listened politely to all they had to say.

When they visited again, she again patiently listened. She still didn’t want to hear them the next time they came, or the time after that, or the time after that one. But Vinoo continued to ask them and Amrita continued to welcome these women into her home week after week.

Kanti and Reva invited Amrita to attend worship services, but Amrita made excuses, saying she needed to take care of the home or her children were sick. Despite Amrita’s outward politeness, Kanti and Reva started realizing she didn’t like them.

Kanti, Reva, Vinoo and the other believers continued to pray for her, and the Lord gradually worked in Amrita’s heart as she watched the way they conducted their lives.

Women Missionaries Continue to Reach Out in Love

During their many visits, Kanti and Reva encouraged Amrita to taste and see the Lord’s goodness. They gave her some literature about the life of Jesus, which Amrita politely accepted, though she was not interested in reading it.

As the weeks passed, Amrita realized Kanti and Reva weren’t the morally loose women she first thought. Rather, they were very peaceful and fully trusted in the God they followed. She realized the other believers in the village, including her husband, had a joy that surpassed anything Amrita had ever seen before. Amrita discovered she wanted this joy in her own life, so Amrita picked up the New Testament Kanti and Reva had given her—and God spoke to her through His Word.

God’s Word Touches Her Heart

As Amrita read the Word of God, verses like John 3:16 and Romans 10:9–13 spoke to her deeply. She recognized her own sinfulness. When Kanti and Reva came again to visit her, it was as if she heard them for the very first time. Through God’s Word and the testimony of Kanti and Reva, Amrita understood that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Today, Amrita has the same joy as Kanti and Reva, a joy she gladly shares with those around her. Just like the women she once despised, Amrita shares the hope of Christ with any who will listen—and she happily visits her neighbors time and time again.

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