In this excerpt from God's Blogs, Lanny Donoho imagines what God might say if He wrote a blog about money.

When I created the world, the first humans knew everything was Mine. Even though we’ve had trouble since just after the beginning, for a long time many of the humans were thankful that I would share with them most of the incredible things in this wonderful world I made.

As the human population grew and I let them become more independent, they had to learn how to get along and eat and grow and prosper, and they began to think that they were the ones who owned all that stuff.

They developed trade and commerce and made up words like ECONOMY and PROFIT and FINANCES. They made more stuff and saw more and wanted more… and in the process they forgot the fact that all of it was Mine. They didn’t realize that everything was just on loan to them for a short while.

So now there are whole towns and communities and neighborhoods full of people who have a lot and won’t let it go because they think it’s theirs. At the same time, millions in other parts of the world (and even just in other parts of the same city) have almost nothing, and those millions have no idea that other millions out there have the stuff I meant for everyone to share.

I’ve been thinking about setting up something on the planet to alleviate this problem.

We’d have to start all over again, but I could do that in a number of ways. I’ve done it before—just ask Noah. It might be fun just to put everyone on pause for a bit like in that old Twilight Zone episode with the stopwatch. Only I’d be holding the stopwatch, so it wouldn’t break with everyone frozen in time. I’d put everyone on pause, download some information into them, and then when they start up again they would understand that the following system is in place:

They all work for Me and know I AM the Boss and own everything on the planet. Money is still in place, but they know at the end of the week the paycheck all goes to Me. They just hand the check over to Me. The economic system is still the same, so some people make millions more than others, but still they know it all goes to Me and that I have the option of doling out to each of them as much or as little as I please.

Imagine everyone’s surprise and joy and excitement when they find out that I AM giving them nine out of every ten dollars they made for Me.

Most of them—I should say most of you—wouldn’t believe My generosity. You’d be excited and you would actually want to know Me more and love Me more.

And the great thing would be that the other dollar would totally dissolve all world hunger and poverty and homelessness. It would educate millions and be used to cure disease and solve all the insurance problems and malpractice dilemmas. Talk about insurance reform!

And that is what would happen if this new system were instituted for just those who presently call Me their Father.

Oh, sure… It’d be easier if everyone would just start using their resources (MY resources) wisely and giving back a small portion of what they earn, but I AM not holding My breath on that one.

Hmmm… I really do like the idea of putting everyone on pause for a while though.

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