Meaning and Purpose


You'll never experience true fulfillment if you're not in a state of connection with God; He has provided the Bridge for the gap.

How do I find meaning and purpose in life?

If you find yourself searching for meaning and purpose in your life, you are in good company. Barna Research recently released a survey describing half of all adults as searching for meaning and purpose in life.

So, what is the bottom line to finding purpose and meaning in life? Live your life as it was created to be lived. To do this, it makes sense to be connected to the One who created your life – God.

In the life God originally designed, we were in a state of connection with Him. As Genesis describes, God was over the earth and placed Adam in charge of it. He talked to him, gave him what he needed, told him what to do, and even watched Adam to see what he would do with his talents and freedoms. There was an unbroken relationship between God and Adam and Eve.

In other words, there was not the separation that the Bible describes which came when sin entered the world. We cannot imagine what a connection with God would have been like before sin and alienation, for we live in a world that experiences alienation from day one. We are too aware of this thing God warned them about, called “death.” In the Bible’s terms, death does not mean a cessation of life. Rather, it means a separation from life. The way that God created them, they were never separated from life. They were always connected to the One who was life itself.

Can you imagine a life where you were never separated from love, truth, intimacy, and the people you experience those things with? Or where you always felt close to God and nothing ever came between you? No guilt, adversarial fears, or anything that made you afraid? This was the connection Adam and Eve experienced before they decided they wanted to know as much as God. The only way to have a connection with God today, and thus begin to find meaning and purpose to your life, is to bridge the separation through God’s provision—His son, Jesus Christ. 

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