Marriage Tip: Don't Do Each Other Any "Favors"


Marriage cannot become a barter relationship.

Have you ever done your spouse a “favor” because you were hoping to get a favor back in return. Maybe you want to go out with the guys on Friday night, so you go to your wife on Tuesday encouraging her to hang out with some friends. Of course, you are only doing this because you are hoping to be able to hang out with your friends later in the week. Sometimes we can come across very selfless, when in truth, we’re being very selfish. Be authentic and do things for your spouse because you want to do them, not because you are hoping to get something in return.

Nothing feels worse than finding out that your spouse’s kind gesture was really just a ploy to get something out of you. I know that some of you are thinking that no one is truly selfless. That everyone does good because they get something out of it. I’m not completely in that camp. I do believe we can do things for our spouse that are truly selfless. I believe this because we are made in God’s image, which must mean we have glimpses and moments of true greatness that transcend our current brokenness.

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