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Redefining the standard of biblical media, LUMO is a visual translation of the four Gospels, developed to truly engage people with Scripture!

LUMO is a groundbreaking, multi-language biblical resource that was created to transform the way in which people engage, discover, and study the life of Jesus through the Gospels, and to resource ministries seeking to promote global biblical literacy.

    These stunningly innovative films, currently available in over 100 languages, are easily adapted for a global audience. Anyone, anywhere in the world can fully experience their translation of Scripture overlaying the stunningly visual representations of the life of Christ set against the backdrop of an authentic rendition of first century Palestine.

    LUMO was crafted for an international audience and can be shown in various contexts including churches, small groups, and large outreaches. LUMO promotes deeper engagement with the Gospels and facilitates group discussion. LUMO has been broadcast to millions and is bringing to life the truth of Jesus as people engage in a visual way with God’s Word.

    The LUMO films are designed to be utilized by churches, ministries and individuals to create compelling scripture engagement programs that bring the Gospels to life. LUMO is a ministry currently focused on working with strategic partnerships that in turn serve the local community of individuals, churches, church leaders, and pastors by equipping them with LUMO resources to further the Kingdom of God.


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Sermon Clips
(Matthew 1:1-17) The Genealogy of Jesus (02:52)
(Matthew 1:18-25 and 2:1-12) The Birth of Jesus (04:02)
(Matthew 2:13-23) Divine Protection (02:03)
(Matthew 3:1-17) John the Baptist Preaches, Baptizes Jesus (03:25)
(Matthew 4:1-25) Jesus Begins His Ministry (03:53)
(Matthew 5:1-20) The Sermon on the Mount (03:35)
(Matthew 5:21-32) Murder (02:41)
(Matthew 5:33-48) The Spirit of the Law (02:09)
(Matthew 6:1-23) Ethical Admonitions (03:53)
(Matthew 6:24-34 and 7:1-6) Don't Worry or Judge Others (03:13)
(Matthew 7:7-29) A Tree Judged by Its Fruit (03:22)
(Matthew 8:1-22) Jesus Heals Many (04:39)
(Matthew 8:23-34 and 9:1-8) Jesus Shows His Power (03:42)
(Matthew 9:27-38 and 10:1-15) Jesus Sends the Twelve (04:19)
(Matthew 9:9-26) The Healer Has Answers (04:48)
(Matthew 10:16-42) Don't Fear Persecution (04:23)
(Matthew 11:1-24) Jesus and John the Baptist (03:52)
(Matthew 11:25-30 and 12:1-21) Lord of the Sabbath Brings True Rest (04:31)
(Matthew 12:22-50) With Him or Against Him (05:01)
(Matthew 13:1-23) Parable of the Sower (03:39)
(Matthew 13:24-43) Parables Explaining the Kingdom (03:34)
(Matthew 13:44-58) He Who Has Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear (02:36)
(Matthew 14:1-21) Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand (03:08)
(Matthew 14:22-36) "You of little faith" (02:23)
(Matthew 15:1-28) Pure and Impure (04:52)
(Matthew 15:29-39 and 16:1-4) Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand (03:00)
(Matthew 16:21-28 and 17:1-13) Jesus Predicts His Death (04:38)
(Matthew 16:5-20) The Demand for a Sign (02:28)
(Matthew 17:14-27) Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Boy (03:05)
(Matthew 18:1-14) Who is the Greatest? (02:24)
(Matthew 18:15-35) Seventy Times Seven (03:08)
(Matthew 19:1-15) Divorce (02:31)
(Matthew 19:16-30 and 20:1-16) The Rich, Young Ruler (04:57)
(Matthew 20:17-34) Greatness (03:14)
(Matthew 21:1-22) Hosanna! (04:54)
(Matthew 21:23-46) To Oppose the Son Opposes the Father (04:38)
(Matthew 22:1-14) Parable of the Wedding Banquet (01:57)
(Matthew 22:15-46) The Most Important Commandment (04:23)
(Matthew 23:1-28) A Warning Against Hypocrisy (04:46)
(Matthew 23:29-39 and 24:1-2) Whitewashed Tombs (02:31)
(Matthew 24:3-35) Signs of the End of the World (04:39)
(Matthew 24:36-51) The Day and Hour Unknown (02:13)
(Matthew 25:1-30) The Ten Virgins and the Gold Coins (04:22)
(Matthew 25:31-46 and 26:1-16) The Sheep and the Goats (04:40)
(Matthew 26:17-35) The Lord's Supper (03:34)
(Matthew 26:36-56) Arrested at Gethsemane (03:37)
(Matthew 26:57-75) Jesus Before the Sanhedrin (02:57)
(Matthew 27:1-31) Jesus Before Pilate (04:44)
(Matthew 27:32-56) The Crucifixion (04:44)
(Matthew 27:57-66 and 28:1-20) The Resurrection (04:52)
(Matthew 21:1-22) Hosanna!
(John 19:17-27) The Crucifixion of Jesus
(Luke 6:17-36) Blessings, Woes and Loving Your Enemies
(Luke 24:36-53) Jesus Appears to His Disciples
(John 21:15-25) Jesus Restores Peter
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