Living with Christ


You don't need to be good enough or smart enough to live with Jesus. He died so that you'd have the freedom just to enjoy His company.

Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him.” Romans 6:8

Do you ever wonder what it would be like living with Jesus while He was on the earth? Let’s look at some of the relationships we had as kids and try to apply them to Jesus. First, of course, are the parents. Mary and Joseph must have been really cool to even stay together long enough to have Jesus in the first place, but still, they must have had some rough days.  I saw a cartoon one time of Moses when he was little and his mother was trying to give him a bath. He kept parting the water so that he wouldn’t get wet. I thought this was pretty funny, but think of Jesus: He could have just walked on the water in the tub and never gotten wet.

Or if you’re Joseph trying to discipline a young Jesus, what do you say if He says, “You’re not the boss of me!” I do think Mary could have saved some grocery money with Jesus around. Think about it, if He fed 5,000 people with five fish and some bread, think of what He could save going to Costco to feed a family of four.

What about Jesus’ younger siblings following Him a grade or two in school? Think of the bar He set in the classroom. Can you imagine the teacher, “Well, James, your grades are pretty good, but you’re no Jesus…”

All these things not to mention His high school buddies always wanting Him to change water into wine…

We can imagine some of these things but there are many events written in the Bible about how His disciples did while living with Jesus. It seemed like they were always doing something wrong and He had to correct them.

I think if we consider living with Jesus in a way where we have to be good enough, where we have to be smart enough, or holy enough, living with Him sounds like a huge burden. It would be like we were an ox or a mule or something with a big old cart tied to us all the time; a big, heavy weight that was forever bogging us down. But remember, Jesus was dying to have a relationship with you. To Him, you are worth dying for. He died so that we have the freedom to just enjoy His company; to accept and embrace the love that He has for us. Think about someone loving you so much that they will literally die for you. That’s love that you can see. That’s not normal. That’s God. That’s what living with Jesus is.


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