Living in Harmony - A Family Devotional


What can you do today to encourage living together in harmony?


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Psalm 133

Verse of the Day: “How wonderful it is, how pleasant, when brothers live together in harmony!” (Psalm 133:1).

Mom heard Rakesh and his sister, Kalpana, shouting at each other from the next room.

“Here, now, what’s the matter?” Mom asked as she entered the room and quieted her children, who had been working quietly together on a jigsaw puzzle until just a few moments earlier.

“I found the puzzle piece I was looking for, and he says he found it first!” Kalpana protested.

“I did find it first,” Rakesh countered. “It was right there,” he said, pointing to an empty spot on the table.

“You two know better than to fight like this,” Mom said. “Let’s try to finish the puzzle together,” she suggested. “I’ll help.”

Twenty minutes later, the puzzle was finished. Mom, Rakesh, and Kalpana smiled at each other. The puzzle formed a multicolored scene of mountains, sky, and clouds.

“Isn’t that pretty?” Mom said. Rakesh and Kalpana nodded, smiling.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Mom. “You know what this puzzle reminds me of?”

Rakesh shook his head. Kalpana asked, “What?”

Mom pointed at the beautiful scene they had formed from a hundred different pieces. “It reminds me of us.”

“It does?” Rakesh asked. He didn’t see how the scenic picture could remind his mother of them.

“Yes, it does,” Mom answered. “Do you remember what a mess all those different puzzle pieces made when they were spread out all over the table?” The children nodded. “And now, see how all those pieces form a beautiful picture? Well, that’s just like us. When you two fight, it’s not very beautiful, is it?”

“No,” Kalpana answered.

“But when you’re nice to each other and work together, it can be even more beautiful than a picture!”

Kalpana and Rakesh smiled at each other.

“I have an idea!” Rakesh said. Mom and Kalpana listened. “Why don’t we keep the puzzle on the table until Daddy gets home, so he can see how beautiful we are!” Mom laughed. “All right,” she said. “I think that’s a great idea.”

TO DISCUSS: What do people need to do in order to “live together in harmony”? What part does compromise play in “living together in harmony”? What can you do today to encourage “living together in harmony”?

TO PRAY: “Lord, we want your harmony in our lives. Thank you for teaching us to live peaceably with each other.”

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