Life in the Now


When we ignore the current for the future, we miss so many of the intended blessings and the passion of purpose in lives.

It seems so easy to just wander off in our minds into the fantasy land of “what if’s?” and “tomorrows” when today kinda stinks…

It really may look better over there, the grass may seem greener and the sky much clearer. Our pockets have more money in them and our kids are more relaxed, more mature. Our churches are more organized, and our friends are more consistent. Our spouses have shed a few extra pounds and grown back some hair. Our jobs are more meaningful and satisfying and our lives have a spring like freshness to them. It's just better than what we have today. It’s our little fantasy for a easier future…

If we could just get over to "there!” Over to the land of tomorrow, it seems only a few steps to round the very next corner of our life. The day just beyond our next promised pay raise or the day we make a new and amazing friendship with a new someone who really, truly, would finally understand and complete us.

Be careful going into this land of tomorrows. It’s awesome until you realize you could spend your lifetime in pursuit of something that’s not real. And that would be a tragedy.

It’s time to take a deep breath and back away from the window you just opened in your mind. God is here today. He is with us in the here and now. It takes an effort of perspective to pull back from the ever longing gaze of a hope for a different life. But it's an effort that must be made. It’s a critical truth that our lives are made up of choices and attitudes and beliefs about how we live in the present.

When we ignore the current for the future, we miss so many of the intended blessings and the passion of purpose in lives. We flounder through our days with deep and dramatic melancholy and barely repressed frustrations that spew out all over our spouses, co-workers and finally, our kids. We pick at the little details, and we take huge bites at the big ones. We trash ourselves in a controlled fury of resentment and despair. We feel trapped, alone and isolated.

Jesus calls to us from that dark place and invites us to join with Him today. To walk back into the light of His truth and the power of His purposes for us in the here and now. It just takes a moment, a second or two of reflection, really. A moment to recall His goodness, His grace, His mercy and His ability to redeem every terrible choice we’ve ever made. I mean, look at your story from the perspective of the NOW. It’s amazing! Its inspiring. It’s beautiful…

Life is today!

Yes. Take a few seconds and remind yourself of the amazing life you do have. Of the unbelievable goodness of God to meet every need, and exceed every expectation in your life. Maybe not all at once, as in some fantasy induced lottery moment. Not a life free from stress, or challenge or needs. But a much better offer, a chance to experience the deep release of fear and doubt and unease about the path your life seems to be on.

God's Word is the foundation of faith, the flashlight to our darkest paths and the beacon of hope to the worn out, flat, exhausted among us. Don’t allow yourslef to escape into a daydream of temporary relief. Rest instead in the profound and inexhaustible goodness of Jesus. He is calling for you to follow after Him today. He promises you real life. Not a cotton candy superficial life, but real, full, satisfying life, not someday. But right now.

Read about it for yourself. You have an incredible role to play in your life, and one no one else can do as well as you. Your gifts, your insights, your experiences have all been honed and redeemed by God to be the very things you and everyone around you will need today.

Play the role you were cast for… we’re all counting on you!

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