Let Go and Stay Focused


Moving forward with God’s purpose for your life may require giving up some things you love, but it’s always worth it.

Ecclesiastes 3:2 says, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…” In the list that follows, many seasons—or times—are mentioned. Such as birth and death, weeping and laughing, and planting and plucking.

Even though it can be difficult, there are times when it’s important to pluck—or uproot—something God planted in an old season of life in order to maintain focus on your God-given purpose.

Maybe you have a career or relationship that God is asking you to relinquish. It served its purpose, but now He is asking you to uproot it because He wants you to serve Him in a new way.

I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t enjoy plucking anything that was planted, either by me or by God. First of all, it takes time, and second, it can be painful to pluck. However, when you are willing to let go of something from an old season, you’ll be able to maintain focus and productivity.

Additionally, having a clear direction that comes from uprooting the old will usher in new peace. It will also provide you with passion and eliminate the confusion that comes from having too many options. Instead of running here and there, being distracted by this tantalizing option and that one, you will become like an arrow shot at a dartboard—straight for the goal.

Thankfully, you can rest assured of one thing: God will never ask you to uproot anything in your life without a reason and plan. It’s always because He wants to plant some kind of new seed that He brings about change.

In 2010, I lived in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado when I sensed a stirring that it was time for me to uproot from my home there and start a speaking tour. I loved Colorado and had no intention of moving. During a hike at the base of Pike’s Peak, the still, quiet voice of the Holy Spirit unexpectedly spoke, confirming what I had been feeling. I want you to give me your life, even Colorado Springs. If I keep you here, I want you to let that be okay, and if I take you from here, I want you to let that be okay, too.

After a series of confirmations, I knew it was time to go. Uprooting from Colorado meant uprooting from my church and treasured relationships—but if I wanted to be obedient to God and stay focused on His plans for my purpose, I had to go.

Are you hesitant or afraid to pluck something, even though its season in your life is over? You can be sure that moving into the unknown with God may not be comfortable, but it will always be right.

I encourage you to get out your gardening gloves today and get to plucking if that’s what God is calling you to do!

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