Learning to Love the Real God


To love God, we need to know Him for who He truly is.

Learning about God—from my grandson!

God sometimes uses the simplest things in life to teach us great lessons. He gave me a liberating insight into who He really is through my first baby grandson, Zachary. Living close to Zach's mom and dad means that Teresa and I are blessed with frequent visits and opportunities to baby-sit. During Zachary's first several weeks of much sleep and little awake time, I was amused by Teresa's childish excitement over being with Zach.

When she would hear him waking from one of his many naps, a smile of joy would light up her face. Her exuberance communicated the clear message, "He's awake! He's awake! And I am looking forward to playing with him!"

One morning during this time, the Lord surprised me through a devotional reflection on Psalm 139:3: "Thou are intimately acquainted with all my ways" (NASB).  He seemed to say, "David, when you wake up in the morning, My heart is filled with excitement over you, just as Teresa's heart is filled with excitement over Zachary. I rejoice at the realization, "He's awake!  He's awake!  And I am looking forward to sharing intimately with him today."

I was deeply touched by such a thought and warmed in my heart by a God who was "intimately acquainted with all my ways."  Was this the real God I was called to love? This refreshing view of God conflicted with a different concept which had been with me through much of my Christian life and ministry. In my original view, God seemed to say, "He's awake, and I better watch him closely to make sure he toes the line." Or His response was, "Oh no, he's awake. No telling what kind of mischief he will get into today."

Living out the Great Commandment—only with the real God!

For too many years, my God was hiding in the grain fields with the Pharisees just waiting to catch me doing something wrong (see Matthew 12:1-8). My unreal concepts of God had hindered my intimate walk with Him, and perhaps more importantly, my love for Him.

Along with the fresh insight, thoughts of the Great Commandment came flooding back to me: "Love Me with all your heart, mind, soul and strength."  Fulfilling this command is only possible when it is the real God I am seeking to love. Loving someone who is excited to see me every morning is easy; loving someone who regrets that I am awake is not. Loving the God who is intimately involved in all my ways is easy; loving a judge who is lurking in the grain fields just waiting for me to slip up is not.

Why not pause right now and reflect on the real God. When you woke up this morning, He had a smile on His face and joy in His heart. He was excited to be intimately involved with you today. See if you can sense His quiet voice saying, "You're awake!  I am so looking forward to sharing this day with you!"

This God we can love! Why don’t you tell Him now!


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