Leadership Adjustments


What kind of adjustments do you need to make in your leadership efforts to best reflect the example of Jesus?

I live in a city that is not known for copious amounts of rainfall (however, this summer has been unusually wet). I have noticed a phenomenon when it does rain. It is as if my fellow drivers have never previously encountered this type of driving condition. While prudence and experience would seem to dictate the reduction of one’s speed, many don’t make this adaption. Damage of all types always result when pace isn’t adjusted in light of new conditions.

And that’s what leaders need to think about—making adjustments.

The majority of football plays drawn upon on a blackboard (or a whiteboard) share something in common. They were not executed according to plan. Military strategy has always maintained that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. Adjustments in the plan always must be made without altering the overall objective.

A leader must determine what adjustments must and must not be made. Those who pursue an attitude of servant leadership are best suited to make mid-course corrections in their journey.

Why servant leadership? First, it originates in an attitude that is most conducive to flexibility and change. When the heart is not dominated by pride, corrective action can be made because one’s self-esteem isn’t at stake. When fear is not the overriding motivation, a leader can make an adjustment without wondering if the correction will threaten her position.

A second reason is that adjustments must be made in light of the overall mission. A true servant leader serves the purpose of the organization he serves. A commitment to the welfare of others and the success of the cause fuels a determination to alter the plan for ultimate success.

Finally, a leader who follows the example of Jesus for leadership can make an adjustment even when those in the organization want things to stay the same. Jesus’ ultimate commitment was to follow the will of His Father and to please Him. Serving others expressed His devotion but didn’t supersede it.

What kind of adjustments do you need to make in your leadership to best reflect the example of Jesus, the greatest leadership role model of all time?

Written by Brett Selby

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