Leaders Understand, Value and Leverage God-Given Differences


In this message to leaders, you will gain knowledge on how to maximize natural and unnatural strengths from those you are leading.

I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that not only did God wonderfully make each of us; He uniquely made each of us. Sometimes we tend to appreciate those who are like us, but as leaders it’s our responsibility to understand, value and leverage our differences. 

Some of these differences come in the form of our personality preferences. Preferences are like handedness. If you sign your name with your primary hand, it feels natural, easy, and comfortable.  But, if you sign with your opposite hand, it feels awkward, unnatural, and you really have to think about it. Try it!  That’s the way it is with our natural preferences. God has wired you in particular ways and when you are acting and working in those strengths, it’s very easy and comfortable. In fact you might even take it for granted and think everyone can do ‘it’ as easily as you can. But for others, that seemingly simple thing (e.g. talking to a group of people, making logical sense out of a problem, observing details in a situation, being sensitive to a need) might be writing with their opposite hand and doesn’t come easy at all. Understanding this can change the way you lead! 

Take a look at those you are leading. Where are their natural strengths? How can you leverage them even more? Where is the situation demanding they ‘write with their opposite hand’ and what can you do about it as a leader (e.g. reassign the task, pair them up with a buddy, or provide guidance, grace and encouragement as they work through the situation)?

Written by Pat Pinera

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