Moms, discover the sweet joys of kissing your little ones in special ways today and everyday. They will love you for it!

Come close… and kiss me—{Genesis 27:26, MSG}.

I heard one simple word this morning.


Show the mommies how to kiss their babies.

Then these three simple statements began to follow.

■         Keep it simple, Salina

■         Keep it short & sweet

■         Keep it sweet & simple

Have you shared a kiss today with your little one? Here are some creative ways you can… kisses from head to toes, blowing raspberries on tummies and toes,  extra tender love and care, nurture, reading to your little one, playing a favorite game, snuggle time, tickle time, listening to them as they share an idea of a mommy date, make-believing, getting down on their level and enjoying views from where they sit so tiny and small—there are lots and lots of ways to express kisses in so many ways.

I searched the bookshelf looking for the perfect books to read to my son. I simply love reading and he loves listening, having his back rubbed and sharing special cuddle time. This is one of our favorite mommy dates! We can go to faraway places, sharing smiles, tickles, our imaginations soaring as we read the pages together. Page after page of words that create a lifetime of love.

We began reading this morning as we laid flat on our backs looking up to the pages of the simple book titled 5 little kisses. A question on the last page impressed upon my heart… Have you had your kiss today? All of a sudden a flood of kisses came from my lips to my little boy, all over his cheeks, his ears and more. Tickles and giggles came from deep inside his belly. I love to hear him laugh! Simple and sweet I thought.

It was at this moment the ideas began to flow. It doesn’t take much time to kiss your little ones each day. Sure, they love the kisses from your lips and the hugs from your loving arms. They long to hear three simple little words “I LOVE YOU!” But there is so much more! It can be sweet and simple, short and sweet.

These are some of my favorites to read to my babies… Butterfly kisses, I love you with all my hearts, Let’s go on a mommy date, What if?, Guess how much I love you?, 5 little kisses, and lots more!

When you read to your little ones, it creates a sweet bond with them. It’s never to early to begin. Even if your baby is in your womb, start reading to them now and create the simple sweetness that comes from this bonding time. Your children will love you for it. There are so many ways to kiss your children.

There are many ways your babies kiss you daily too. Take a moment to think of some ways your little ones give their mommy a kiss. So sweet, so pure, so innocent is the life of a child. I wouldn’t trade their love for all the candy in this great BIG world (a sweet song from Plumb titled “Me”)

How sweet it is to be loved by you. 

I have been praying this simple prayer the past few weeks… God, I would love to be a baby whisperer I would love to know what the babies are thinking, saying and expressing. Help me to listen to them.

I fully believe He is beginning to open that up in me. You can do the same if you like.

So KISS your little ones in special ways today and everyday. They will love you for it!

Written by Salina Duffy 

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