Keep the Light On!


Don't be tempted to follow the world's standard of "goodness". Instead, follow God's standard.

“You can be a little bit bad and still be good in their eyes.”

That phrase still haunts me today. I remember a Christian colleague making this statement when we both worked in a corporate setting. My friend was noting that as he compared the behavior of the non-Christians in the office to the behavior of the Christians, the Christians looked “pretty good"—even the Christians who didn’t really take their faith seriously. My heart ached at the thought that it was so easy to settle for less light.

Was I really being tempted to get away with being a “little bad” or not shining consistently as a Christian, just to make my life easier? It was tempting to consider the world’s standard of “goodness,” rather than God’s standard. What sort of light would I shine for my coworkers if I went for the easy, “little dark/little light” lifestyle?

Soon after this conversation, I remembered a scripture that I had been studying:

May those who hope in you not be disgraced because of me O Lord, the LORD Almighty; may those who seek you not be put to shame because of me, O God of Israel (Psalm 69:6).

In his special way, I felt God nudging me to live a life that would consistently reflect him and not be a cause for disgrace or shame. Whether I am shining light on people who know God, or people who are still looking for God, or even people who aren’t even interested in God, I need to shine consistently, no matter who is around me. I don’t want my inconsistent light to confuse those who are hoping and seeking after God.

The standard is not perfection. It’s just about being consistent and honest. If your light is suspiciously bright—no problems get you down and you are just a happy Christian all of the time, you are not shining an authentic light. On the other hand, if your light is dim, with little evidence of purity and a desire for holiness, then you need more consistent light in your life.

Consider the life and leadership of Joseph. He was a man who was following after God while leading as a public servant. When faced with an incredibly tempting situation with Potiphar’s wife (Exodus 39), he had to make a choice. He could have chosen: “Well maybe this once,” or “After all, she is the one pursuing me.” He chose to be consistent—he chose light—he ran!

As you interact with moms at many different places along their journey of faith, think about the quality of your light and your life. Do you switch your light on and off based on who is in the room? Keep the light on!

Written by Cheryl Davis

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