Just a Little More


Are you ever satisfied with what you have or do you always want more? Just a little more?

“Why do you worry so for tomorrow? Are not the cares of today sufficient for this day unto itself?” (Luke 12:22)

We have the greatest abundance of material things in the entire world. It’s not the lack of things that concerns us; it is the worry about the lack of things.

I recall a story I heard about a fellow in India who was starving. He couldn’t feed his family so he began to pray, “Oh God, I ask You to give us what we need this day. Give us just one fish, Lord, and we’ll be satisfied.” That day he went to a rice paddy with a bent hook, dropped it into a rice paddy, and pulled out a fish. A miracle.

After the fish was gone he began to pray that God would give him a fish every day and then he would not have a need again. Every day he pulled out a fish. A miracle.

It began to rain and his roof leaked. He asked God to provide him with materials to fix the roof. A truck came by one day and some tin fell off. It kept the rain out of his house and he was thankful.

Then he prayed, “Lord, I thank You for the fish and for the tin for my roof. Now, God, if I just had a three-bedroom, two-bath house, with two cars, a color television, and a good education for my children, then God I wouldn’t ask You for anything else.”

Of course, the story is fictitious, but does it remind you in any way of yourself ? Are you ever satisfied with what you have or do you always want more? Just a little more?

His eyes were not satisfied with riches. . . . This too is vanity and it is a grievous task” (Ecclesiastes 4:8 NASB).

Daily Scripture Reading:
Revelation 15 - 18


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