Jesus and Branding


Are you more concerned about bearing the Christian brand than bearing the marks of Christ?

“From now on let no one cause trouble for me, for I bear on my body the brand-marks of Jesus.” (Galatians 6:17, NASB)

Branding takes many forms of expression in our world today. Simply look at body tattoos and piercings, designer-label clothes, the cars we drive, friends we hang out with, where we live, and what we do for fun as evidence. In the world of work, branding is expressed through company logos, signs, uniforms, caps, decals, product packaging, and product design. Steve Jobs, a master of branding, insisted that all Apple products have a certain look and feel.

In today's Bible verse, Paul tells us about his own experience with branding, as his body bore the marks of torture and abuse he received for preaching the gospel.

Christians love signs and symbols and happily endorse the “Christian” brand. We proudly wear crosses on our neck and wrist. We put bumper stickers on our cars. We wear our John 3:16 T-shirt. What disturbs me about all this behavior is that it seems we’re more committed to carrying or wearing signs than we are with being a sign. Have you been branded and bear the marks of Christ? Can other people look at you and see Christ in you? Are you a source of light in the world? Do you walk in love with the person at work who is irritating and annoying? Do you complain or gossip about others who are struggling, or do you encourage them and pray for them? Do you speak and act like Jesus? 

Child of God, I encourage you to walk in love at all times even with people who are difficult to love. Turn away from selfishness and give others the advantage. Put others first and be a servant leader and lead like Jesus. Read, study and obey God’s Word. Protect Jesus’ brand by forgiving easily. Wear the mark of Jesus. Be a bright light in a dark world. Live and walk in Him and be a sign to others!

Lord, thank you for the blood of Jesus. Jesus, your blood serves as a stamp of ownership that I belong to you. Teach me to wear your mark at all times that I may be a sign. Through the blood of Jesus and in the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

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