Islam, The Middle East Revolution & What it Means For Us


The current political revolutions can lead to huge open doors for the gospel in the Middle East.

There is a great political and cultural shaking currently taking place in the Islamic Middle East that is reminiscent of the rapid fall of the Soviet Union and its European allies in Poland, Germany, and beyond.

In the 1980’s no one (except perhaps President Reagan) would have envisioned the collapse of that vast superpower, which resulted in a united Germany and an openness to the gospel, free-market capitalism and democracy!

Whenever kingdoms fall I am reminded of Daniel 4:25, which says the Most High rules in the kingdoms of men and gives them to whoever He wills.

No one knows how the current revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia and beyond will turn out. But with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and mobile phones the world is becoming flat. This means the oppressed peoples of the world can afford technologies that keep them “in the loop” as to how people in other nations live and the kinds of religious and political freedoms enjoyed by others. This makes it more difficult for totalitarian regimes (watch out Iran, China, Jordan, North Korea, etc.) to lie to their populations to keep them under control.

This cultural phenomenon can only be altered if central governments figure out a way to control the Internet (something the Democrats in the United States Congress have already begun to speak about). But even then, these governments would have a hard time doing so because of popular demand to keep the Internet unencumbered.

What does all of this mean for the gospel and the spread of Islam?

The current political revolutions can lead to huge open doors for the gospel in the Middle East. The church should be fasting and praying that God’s will be done in regards to the young people in these countries desiring freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and a democratic form of government.

This combination will always favor Christianity over Islam. In the world of ideas, creativity, logic and spiritual power, and if given an even playing field, the church will win back these Arab people groups to the faith of their ancient Christian fathers because of the superior nature of Christianity over Islam and the Bible over the Quran.

We need to pray that radical Islamic groups not come into greater power and enslave the next generation! Islam needs an oppressive political structure to thrive. Historically, Islam has always spread and been maintained by the sword. This is in opposition to true Christianity, which spreads through supernatural conversions by faith in a risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Also, I think it interesting that I haven’t heard anyone in the mainstream media talking about how future generations may view the Bush Doctrine in a favorable way, since it was President Bush’s goal to export and establish democratic values in the Middle East when he invaded Iraq. Thus, young people in the Middle East have hope that if a democracy can survive and function in Iraq, there is hope for them if they depose their own despotic rulers.

In regards to the United States: I believe as a nation we rejected Islam in the fall of 2010 when thousands from diverse religious and political backgrounds stood against the building of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York City! Christianity and the democratic values of our Constitution have strong roots in our people. I believe we showed the Islamists they will not get very far with an awakened United States.

Since then, the opposition to building mosques has spread nationally because of the arrogant insensitivity shown by planning to build a mosque near Ground Zero. This has opened a Pandora’s Box for these Islamists as commentator after commentator has exposed their real agenda to impose Sharia law and wage a bloodless jihad via cultural penetration through the building of their so-called community centers. It even seems like pacifist Western Europe is starting to wake up to the dangers of Islam as countries like France are starting to fight against Islamic dominance in their nation. Ultimately all this will be in vain for those who do not turn back to Jesus Christ as the hope of their nations!

In conclusion: We are experiencing a kairos moment in human history. Many Arab nations are at the crossroads. Let us all pray this will result in the spread of democratic political rule resulting in religious freedom, and not the greater imposition of Islamic Sharia law resulting in more slavery and less human rights!

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