Is This Man the King?


Do you need rest for your soul? Jesus is the King who will renew your strength and refresh your soul.


It's about You, Lord. Your Kingdom, Your power, Your glory, be very large in me.


Matthew 11:20-30


Consider: "Jesus is the one figure who, like no other, has changed lives, shaped culture and offers one sure hope for the future. He is the incomparable Christ" (John Stott, 1921-2011).

Think Further:

Have you ever wished you could have been among the crowd as Jesus traveled through Galilee, healing the blind and lame and preaching the kingdom of God? How would you have responded?

I expect I would have stood on the edge, with lots of questions running through my mind. How do I know that he can really hear now? Is there some kind of pretense going on? Would I have seen God at work and responded with repentance?

I think, to my shame, probably not at first. Certainly the religious men in the nation were suspicious of Jesus. He had no training in the law. He was just a carpenter, from an unimportant family in an insignificant town. How dare he condemn the towns in Galilee and say that Tyre, Sidon and Sodom, evil Gentile cities, would be better off in the judgment!

And yet there was something intriguing about him. What if he was from God? He certainly thought he was, and spoke to God as if he had a special relationship with him. That was not like the religious leaders, who seemed to know the law, rather than knowing God himself. If the mighty deeds he performed were genuine, then surely he must have God's power. He says that God reveals his truth to little children, not to the wise and learned. Certainly children and simple folk believe in him, so why should others question? He says he reveals the Father to those he chooses. If that is so, then I want that revelation. I want to believe and to come in repentance to him. He promises relief to the weary, that we may learn from his humble heart.


Do you need rest for your soul? Commit your weariness and burdens to Jesus. How can You learn from his gentle and humble heart in the midst of your life's experiences?


Lord Jesus, amidst the frenzied days that are sometimes my life, I need Your place of rest and renewal. Renew my strength and refresh my soul.

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