Is Anyone Really 'OK'?


No one can come to God apart from Jesus Christ. So, live your life to tell the world that Jesus has made a way back to God!

None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God (Romans 3:10-11). 

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard the illustration of people trying to get to heaven as trying to leap over an ocean. The illustration goes that some may jump further than others, but the point is clear that no one can jump across the ocean. And in the same way, while some may live better lives than others, the point is that no one can live a life holy enough to get to heaven.

Now, I want you to know that I believe all of that is true. Not one person is good enough to go to heaven. And even those who seem to live better lives than others still fall short, by far.

But do you know what I’ve noticed in life? It’s that most people don’t even try to jump to attain salvation. Oh, there may be a few religious people who try to prove themselves to God, but very few people today even bother to try to jump to get to God because most people today assume they’re already okay.

However, the reality is that not one person apart from Christ is okay. Every single individual has sinned and has fallen short of God’s holy standard. No one is okay, but God has given them a way to be made okay with Him.

So, don’t let the prevailing attitude of “I’m okay, you’re okay” keep you from sharing God’s truth. It’s only through Christ that anyone can come to God, so share that with others each day!



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