In Search of a Nugget


Have you made the same mistake of desperately seeking a nugget instead of desperately seeking Him? Sheree DeCouto explains what happens when you focus on Him.

Is it just me, or do you sometimes have trouble hearing God? 

It’s not that I never hear Him, in fact I hear Him loud and clear when I feel guilty about something I need to repent for. But often, when I’m desperate for a nugget to get me through or when I’m seeking His guidance He seems deafeningly silent.

Maybe you’ve been there too. You have a tough decision to make and you want God’s input. You ask repeatedly and get no concrete answer. Or perhaps you’re walking through a tough season and need a nugget of truth to cling to, but when you open your Bible nothing jumps off the page to rescue you.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if God would just speak to us plainly? “Take this job, move here, or marry this person.” Wouldn’t you love a personal nugget from God that spoke directly to your circumstances?

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in search of a nugget. It started as I was preparing for a class I was teaching on Moses and his mountain top meeting with God. My plan was to talk about Moses being the only person brave enough to climb the mountain, enter the cloud and go before God while the rest of the Israelites were cowering in fear at the base of the mountain. Obedience in the face of fear… its good stuff right? After all… we have to be willing to step away from the crowd and toward God, especially if we want to hear from Him. Hooray for Moses, aren’t you impressed with his bravery and obedience? Needless to say, I quickly realized I needed something more profound.

Now the hunt was on. As I searched for a nugget for my audience I was struck with my own need to hear from God. I desperately longed to hear God’s voice. “Keep up the good work; you’re going make it I promise!” If only I had a word from Him to keep me going. What started as a study for the class I was teaching quickly became an obsession to find a nugget for myself.

While I was busy looking at Moses’ mountain top experience in search of a nugget, God was speaking loud and clear I just didn’t hear it. I had focused on Moses and his reaction to the frightful display of God’s glory, but it was God’s glory that held the nugget. I saw Moses’ bravery while God was screaming to me and all those at the bottom of the mountain, “Look at me! See who I am! See all my power and glory.”

It didn’t start with Moses’ obedience; it started with God’s glory and power being displayed. If I focus on Him, His power and His glory everything else pales in comparison. My problems and fears fade away. I wonder how many times I have desperately sought a word from God to get me through when I should have desperately sought God.

What about you? Have you made the same mistake of desperately seeking a nugget instead of desperately seeking Him?

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